Welcome to Adult Technical Training at The Career Center.  For 40 years we have focused on areas of education that meet the needs of our students and local businesses.  We offer a variety of full-time, part-time and special interest courses that will help you acquire the skills and knowledge needed for employment.  Whether you are looking for a new career path or pursuing a hobby, The Career Center has the hands-on-training you need to achieve your goals.  The Career Center – A future you can afford.


Dennis BlattWelcome to Washington County Career Center. We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our site. The Career Center is dedicated to providing excellent career, technical and educational opportunities for high school and adult students. Working closely with business and educational leaders we ensure that the knowledge and skills that you gain prepare you for the career or college of your choice. In an exciting learning environment students are provided rigorous, relevant hands-on participatory experiences leading to diplomas and nationally recognized credentials and certifications. We are proud to offer quality educational opportunities in a caring school environment. Thank you for taking the time to “check us out”. We invite you to join the Career Center where students come first.


Joseph CroneThe Washington County Career Center staff takes seriously our responsibility to train all our high school and post secondary students for their individual careers. Students at the Washington County Career Center develop life-long relationships with their peers, staff and industry partners. We take great pride in working with our industry partners allowing us to offer up-to-date technology in our learning environment. If you are reading this message for the first time and have not experienced one of our programs, don’t delay and enroll today!